DScan 4 - simply fast

When speed meets accuracy, DScan 4 takes the field.


Structured light 3D scanners for the dental industry with Blue LED technology which allows faster and more accurate scanning. Designed for scanning all kinds of dental models, see dies, find impressions and verticulator, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Structured blue led light.

Accuracy & Speed.

By projecting a pattern of light on the model and analyzing the deformation of the light on the surface edges, the model geometry is calculated.

A new scanner

As always, a powerful and reliable system at the reach of all users. Simple to install, intuitive to use

Top performance

With the latest generation of internal components, DScan 4 achieves 50% higher performance than the previous version.


High-performance, latest-generation PCs already included in the scanner's case: one of the most popular features of the DScan series.

New Optics

Most sensitive and high-precision cameras with USB 3.0 interface, thus capturing 25fps.


New eye-catching design 100% customizable to suit your needs.

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