Scanning Solution 

EGS delivers scanners and OEM solutions for enhancing the manufacturing workflows with efficiency and precision.

Software Solution

Thanks to mesh editing tools and reverse engineering software, the whole production workflow can be streamlined.

Quality Check

The precision and high resolution of 3D scanners provide ideal data for quality control and error detection as they enable rapid measurement and inspection of complex parts.

Product Design

3D scanning solutions significantly speed up workflow during the various stages of product design, development & implementation, simplifying data acquisition and creating custom solutions.

Mani che indossano un prototipo di prodotto medico
Red motorbike helmet

Sport Equipment Design

With EGS’ 3D scanning solutions, both professional and amateur athletes can have their own customised equipment that adapts perfectly to their style and size.

Reverse Engineering 

Simple and reliable software for processing 3D scans, mesh editing and reverse engineering. It has a wide range of applications in industrial design and production.

Leios screenshoot - 2003 Leios launch


Manufacturing Portfolio

Industrial 3D Scanner 

3D scanning solutions designed specifically for the manufacturing industry

Industrial 3D Software 

Reverse engineering solutions covering the entire manufacturing industry

Case Studies

Latest Trends in Sport Equipment Realization


A third industrial revolution is under way. Manufacturing is going digital and will transform the way goods are made.