Fast & Reliable

Leios is an easy, fast, powerful and convenient software to switch from 3D scanning to CAD, which makes the processing of 3D scans and the editing of triangular meshes as easy as ever.


With Leios it is possible to acquire data from any type of 3D scanner, to transform the point cloud into a mathematical NURBS model in an easy and fast way with a complete control of each phase and to analyze the results with powerful control tools.

Simplified Workflow

Leios, EGS’ proprietary reverse engineering software, offers numerous benefits such as optimized workflow:


  • Scan Data
  • Mesh Elaboration
  • Mesh modeling
  • Reconstruction by Fitting
  • Surfacing and Inspection
  • Export

Scanner Integration

The direct integration between the best 3D scanners on the market and dedicated tools allow rapid optimization of point and mesh clouds and full support for textures and huge sets of raw data. 


One-click procedures optimize your point and mesh clouds for CAD processing and export your surfaces to IGES and STEP, with direct integration with most CAD solutions on the market. 


The new 2D sketc function allows direct editing of sections in arcs, lines, NURBS curves to create precise profiles. Leios2 is the perfect link between the scanner and the CAD of your choice.

Modeling Tools 

Add – To add material to the mesh by controlling the area of influence and the density of added material. 

Remove – To remove material from the mesh by checking the influence area and weight of the chisel. 

Smooth – To smooth the entire mesh, a selection or locally with a brush. 

Freeform deformation – To deform the mesh dynamically using an elliptical tool. 

Deformation by grid – To deform the mesh using control points ordered by grid, allowing precise deformation of the model. 

Edge optimization – To optimize and reconstruct the damaged edges on the mesh, priceless when working with mechanical parts.



Identification of character lines, dissection in regions and identification of curves, fast and precise reconstruction of analytical surfaces.


Automatic and semi-automatic reconstruction with NURBS patches, accurate continuity analysis on curved surfaces.


Leios is optimized for the latest cutting edge technology the market provides.


Wizard approach dramatically shortens time to market, providing one-click functions for the most common uses.







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