Dental 3D Scanners

Customized dental 3D scanning solutions to meet the demands of any dental lab


DScan 5

A new 3D Scanner series that provides an open work station which can handle any articulator model

DSMizar white front view

DScan 5

Structured light 3D Scanner for the dental industry with Blue LED technology which allows faster and more accurate scanning. 

DScan 4

DScan 4

High precision scanning tool, specialized in the acquisition of three dimensional surfaces for the dental industry.


Use the impression scanning kit for complete

digital workflow management and get the most

out of your solution!

Complete Arch Scanning

High quality standard even in the most complex cases.

Complete dental arch scanning

Triple Tray Scanning

Maximum simplicity of scanning thanks to the new holders developed by EGS.

Triple tray scanning

Registration Bite Scanning

Ease of use thanks to the step by step guided scanning procedure.

Resgistration bite holder for 3D scanning


Dental Software

Hypsocad Software