DentalCad 2019.2: Now Available!

DentalCad 2019.2 showing virtual articulator

Find out what’s new with the latest update of DentalCad 2019.2. To keep up to date with the latest release of DentalCad here is the list of the new features available on DentalCad 2019.2.

New module:

–  Virtual Articulator

  • Setting the articulator parameters based on patient’s facial features
  • Simulation of patient’s jaw motion
  • Precise modeling of the prosthesis, with Sculpt Shape tool with integrated colormap

Virtual Articulator: user can create the desired dynamic contact points between upper and lower jaw

Enhancement of existing modules:

– Full Dentures:

  • Improved precision in gum edges creation and editing
  • Improved teeth placement, with the enhancement of existing tool and the addition of the placement functionality already present in the other workflows
  • Improved teeth libraries management
  • Denture reference points and lines defined in the “Preparation” step are visible in all steps of the workflow

– Partial Frameworks:

  • Improvement of the management of the blocked out model


  • Faster edit shape and smoother shape

– Model Maker for implants:

  • Possibility to create squared removable gingivas

Evolution of common functionalities and tools:

– Sculpt Shape:

  • Different cursor colors and shapes according to selected action and tool
  • Cursor follows teeth and jaw surface, projecting a shadow showing its action area
  • Free form action can be constrained along the mesial/distal, lingual/buccal or occlusal direction
  • Free form action can be limited to a tooth portion, for example a cuspid

–  Occlusal Plane:

  • Manipulators are now on the edge of the circle and constrained movements along X, Y or Z axis are allowed

-New colormap: faster, more precise and better looking

-New collars construction: faster and with sharper edges

-Connectors: automatically disabled in case of touching or intersecting adjacent teeth

Import – Export – Integrations:

-Export, as STL files, of the ISO surfaces created from DICOM files

-Integration with hyperDENT

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DentalCad 2019.2