New Headquarters!

Thanks to the constant and fruitful collaboration with Kulzer and Mitsui Chemicals and its partners, EGS has achieved very important results over the years allowing it to open new headquarters. The results has been achieved by strengthening its market position thanks to the development of products that have led the company to become a consolidated reality in the 3D industry.
In this way, EGS has strengthened its positioning and brand awareness in the mind of consumers around the world.

In the last period, in particular, there has been a significant increase in human resources as well, leading to the transfer of the company to a new building, made up of larger and more suitable premises for the continuous research and development activities that have always characterized it, in order to continue to offer the best possible service and innovative technology.

EGS’s new headquarters is located in Via del Tappezziere, in Bologna, and it is composed, in addition to the commercial and administrative offices, also of:

  • Training center devoted to specific courses on hardware and software products for its partners, which in this way will be able to become completely independent in supporting end consumers;
  • Technical office and R&D office to allow the continuous updating of the products that made EGS one of the leading companies in the 3D technology industry but, thanks to the continuous enrichment of its staff, also to allow the design and development of new products aimed at meeting the demands and needs of the market;
  • Production with 6 dedicated lines for the production of Kulzer scanners, EGS scanners and the new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) business model. This will allow EGS to put its expertise and experience at the dealer’s disposal, leaving the latter to place its brand on the products and to request specific developments.