DScan 5, the strongest EGS scanner ever.

DScan5 Scanner Dentale - egsolutions

The perfect combination between technology and design.

The new ownership of EGS, working since last May, did not waste any time and decided to concentrate his energies on the launch of the new dental scanner called DScan 5. A new 3D scanner series equipped with a completely open workstation which allows users to manage any kind of articulator through a complete accessory kit, also equipped with supports for Triple Tray, Bite, dental models, occlusion, multi-die and implant cases.


The new open configuration allows users to scan any kind of impression and dental model with or without articulator, which will be easily housed in an easy and fast way.


DScan 5 and its acquisition software were completely developed in-house allowing a perfect compatibility and a great reliability.


Even the most complicated multiple acquisitions can be easily performed, thanks to a fast and intuitive interface.


Provided with the DentalCad software, the preinstalled EGS proprietary software and an integrated PC, DScan 5 is completely Plug & Play. To use this scanner only a monitor and a mouse are required.

DS Mizar 3D Scanner for the dental industry
DS Mizar 3D dental scanner in a dental lab

The most powerful tools, in the most skilled hands.

The new 20.4 release of the data acquisition software DScan Software and DentalCad has been launched.

Two tools that better interpret the power of the DScan 5 dental scanner, from the scan data acquisition to the dental design and restoration.


addition of the most important libraries


Simplification of the processes to save time and optimize costs


Integrations with all the scanners and CAD/CAM software of the industry

DScan Software 20.4

DScan Software is the data acquisition software of all the EGS scanners.It works with open and standard formats, by simplifying the communication and the transmission of the acquired data with third party cad products which support the same formats.

Thanks to its wizard guided procedure, the data acquisition is completely simplified and safe with no margin for error. 

Automated scan alignment
Improved user experience and AddScan tool
Integration of the commands in the main area; simplification of the process through the automatic orientation of the scanner’s plate, totally controlled from the monitor; added the possibility to indicate a “region of interest” which allows the scanner to focus all its technology in a specific area, by increasing the number of mesh.
Optimization of the impression scan 
Completed the workflows related to the impressions scan, models without removable stumps, Fast Coping + Waxup. Simplified the procedure to connect to DB of the different CAD software.
Improved the integration with all the dental CAD software on the market
Refined the Color map distance visualization 
Optimised the model gum scan
More intuitive step bar

DentalCad 20.4

DentalCad, the flagship CAD software from EGS, provides to technicians a complete software solution with a wide range of tools and functions, allowing users to perform a great variety of dental jobs, from the most common to the most complicated. It was developed in collaboration with the dental operators to offer a user interface extremely easy and intuitive with a shallow learning curve.

Perfect to support the beginners and to enhance the competences of the experts.

Implant alignment
possibility to choose and change the implants in the CAD/MM with a dynamic preview of the locator. Added the definition of the implant axe which can be managed in the CAD, with the possibility to modify the implant and to align the locators in a fast and immediate way, just by showing one point on the component. The added preview eliminates the possibility to make mistakes in the implants’ selection.
New implant libraries
Among the main ones: YNDETECH, SWEDEN&MARTINA, IRES, IPD, CARA, GEASS, B&B. More than 180 implant libraries will be integrated in the coming months.
Rotation Tool
added the possibility to rotate the whole implant body according to the required components
ModelMaker Hollowing
increased the creation speed, improved the hollowing of the model, able of ensuring safe and precise prints, with significant time and material savings.  
optimised the Creation of the virtual Gum
Improved the integration with all the scanners on the market
Dental Suite 20.4 and Windows
discontinued support for OS Windows 7 (update to version 8 or later is strongly recommended)

“Our aim is to increase the scanning workflow to make the EGS products even more competitive on the dental market and to offer to all the technicians simple, intuitive but also precise and powerful tools”.