DentalCad – release 6.4: now available!


EGS has just announced a new minor release of its CAD software for the dental industry. DentalCad 6.4 new release adds new features, improves performance and offers even greater ease-of-use.

The above video shows a quick preview of the features of DentalCad 6.4 new release.

The new version of DentalCad introduces:

  • DICOM data volume
    • Import of data from CT Scan used as reference for the jobs
    • ISO surface creation
    • Registration between ISO surface and scanned meshes
  • DMS (Data Management System) – Possibility of downloading on-demand of anatomic libraries, implant libraries e attachment libraries directly from our website repository
  • Smart importer – Free mode that allows importing from files or scanners
  • Easy Mesh Rotation tool (transform model) – tool that allows the rotation of the mesh in a simple and fast way
  • Raw Models scanning
    • Double Arch
    • Single Arch
    • Single Arch with antagonistic bite
    • Single Arch with full antagonistic Arch
  • Multiple Waxup reduced on pontic element
  • Bug fixing
    • Insertion direction in Model Tree
    • Occlusal plane tilting
    • Bar attachment
    • Minor fixing


  • Model Maker
    • Further parameters that define the shape of the attachments
    • Hollowing of the model to save material during printing
    • Adding of side holes and holes on the base
  • Impression Scanning
    • Triple tray
    • Double Arch with bite
    • Single Arch
    • Single Arch with bite

More videos are available on our YouTube channel.